Peter "PA" Antony is a writer/broadcaster, best known for being a radio DJ on Radio Luxembourg 208 from 1985 to1991.


He has also worked on WISH FM and Mercury FM in Surrey, and has a much followed Saturday show on Radio Caroline.


Q-BURN Syndicated is a weekly two-hour show which is taken by approximately 40 stations worldwide, and is heard in FM, AM, DAB, and of course online. The show is heard across the UK and Europe, the USA and many other countries. It is repeated by most stations at least once a week, so gets approximately 100 plays each week. The show is free for all stations, and is sponsored.

It is an extremely popular show wherever it is taken, with listeners often tuning in to different stations in order to hear the show more than once! The owner of FMR (Fame Music Radio) in South Africa who broadcasts Peter’s show said that his broadband maxes out whenever the show is on!